1st Floor Fabrication Lab

Roland MDX-50 benchtop CNC

The Roland MDX-50 is a 4-axis benchtop CNC milling machine designed for precision prototyping, engineering, and small-scale production. This machine offers a compact, user-friendly and versatile CNC milling system.


To schedule a consultation for CNC access please email us digitalfabricationstudios@mica.edu 

3 & 4-Axis Milling:

The Roland MDX-50 is equipped with four axes of motion, allowing it to perform cutting operations not only in the traditional X, Y, and Z axes but also in rotational A-axis movements. This enhances the machine's ability to handle more intricate and complex machining tasks, broadening its capabilities to include the machining of cylindrical or non-prismatic parts.

Automatic Tool Changer:

Our Roland MDX-50 comes with an automatic tool changer. This feature allows the machine to change cutting tools automatically during the machining process, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual tool changes.

Precision Milling:

The machine is capable of achieving high levels of precision, making it suitable for applications that require tight tolerances and fine details. This precision is crucial for producing accurate prototypes and finished parts.

Wide Range of Materials:

The MDX-50 is designed to handle a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, foams, and wax. This versatility makes it suitable for a range of prototyping and production applications.





The MDX-50 is commonly used for rapid prototyping of parts and components in various industries, including product design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Model Making:

The machine is well-suited for making accurate prototypes and architectural models. Its precision milling capabilities make it suitable for creating detailed scale representations of architectural designs. 

Jewelry Making:

The machine's precision and ability to work with various materials make it suitable for crafting detailed jewelry prototypes and molds.