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Showcase featuring work from Jiexin Xiao, Maia Malakoff, Kat Luna, Sarah Leiva, Flynn Leeb, Eleanor Koster, Michelle Li, Gaeun Kim, Riley Cox, Nadia Nazar & Jung Won Lee

The Materials Library hosts and presents displays that showcase material exploration.  Please contact for more information about upcoming exhibits and events.

Current Showcase:

grounded, on view 3/4/24-3/22/24





Gaeun Kim, 2024 + Enlarge
Grusha Sabharwal, 2024 + Enlarge
Mantis Harper-Blanco + Enlarge
Teddi Kabler, 2024 + Enlarge
Emily Lucas, 2024 + Enlarge
Quinn Spence, 2024 + Enlarge
Evelyn Cox, 2024 + Enlarge
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