Graduate Theses

Graduate theses are a significant and vital part of MICA's contributions to fine art, design, and art history. Here's how to submit yours and find past theses.

Decker Library is the official repository for graduate theses created by students of MICA's graduate programs.

The Theses Submission Period is now closed. We will begin accepting theses for the 2019-2020 academic year in May 2020 and announce exact the dates of the exact time period in Spring 2020. Questions or need to submit a thesis for the 2018-2019 academic year? Reach out to us at 

Helpful Resources:

See examples of submitted Graduate Theses 

Thesis Submission Requirements

All graduate students are required to submit a thesis in order to graduate. All students must have a written component and submit their work as a PDF/A. See the Thesis Submission Requirements below. Questions? Reach out to us at or Drew Lundholm in the Graduate Studies Office at

I'm only submitting a written thesis (no media).

Submit as PDF/A.

I'm submitting images only.

Submit as a PDF/A. Please ask your program director about the written portion required.

I'm submitting images and writing.

Submit both images and writing in one PDF/A.

I'm submitting media (video, audio, etc.)

Right now, this is optional (unless noted otherwise by your program). If your project includes media, submit that media on a disk (CD or DVD) or USB marked with your name and student ID to the Graduate Studies Office on the first floor of Lazarus Center. Remember to submit your PDF/A as well!

Graduate Theses, 1956-2014

Find Graduate Theses Created from 1956 through 2014

This portion of theses is only available for in-library use. You can find theses through our library catalog, or by using our inventory of theses collected during this time period, arranged by program.

Graduate Theses, 2015-Present

Find Graduate Theses from 2015 - Present Day

This portion of theses is available through Digital Decker. Since 2014, theses creators dictate permission level of their work; therefore, some theses are open to the public, but some are restricted to the MICA community only. (MICA username and password are required). Others are embargoed (i.e. unavailable) for five years from the creation date.

Digital Initiatives Unit

Resource: Personal Digital Archiving: How to create a digital archive for your work, thesis, and career

This site will guide you through the basic principles of digital archiving and digital preservation so you can take control of your work's digital future by managing your files, ensuring their accessibility, and submitting your work to Decker Library's Graduate Theses Collection.

You will learn about:
- Why digital preservation is important for you
- The basic steps for preserving your digital files
- What to take into consideration when documenting your work
- Recommended formats for long-term preservation and submission to Decker Library

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