Graduate Financing Options

Graduate Scholarships & Fellowships

MICA recognizes and rewards exceptional talent. Each year, several fellowships, based solely on merit, are awarded to MFA students.

MICA Graduate Fellowships

These MICA Graduate Fellowships are awarded in the amount of half tuition per year. Recipients are selected by the Graduate Committee, which is composed of the directors of each program, the academic dean and the dean of the graduate program. The award is based on exceptional excellence in your portfolio as well as academic accomplishments. All students accepted for admission are automatically considered. No financial aid application is required.

MICA International Graduate Fellowship

Each year one outstanding international student is selected as the recipient of a half-tuition MICA International Graduate Fellowship. Excellence in portfolio is the criteria for this award. Recipients are selected by the Graduate Committee. All international students who have been accepted for admission are automatically considered for this fellowship. No financial aid application is necessary.

MICA Graduate Scholarships

Talent is recognized in portfolio review. Individual awards range from 10% to 60% of annual tuition.

Other Scholarships & Fellowships

Additional scholarships funded by private donors and foundations are available to entering graduate students. Eligibility is based on a variety of criteria including state of residence and intended program of study. Students accepted for admission will automatically be considered. No financial aid application is required.

  • Al Hurwitz Scholarship, Art Education
  • Community Endowed Fellowship for the Mount Royal School of Art
  • Hoffberger Foundation Fellowship
  • Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation MFACA Fellowship
  • Jean C Miller '42 Scholarship, Art Education
  • Marcella Brenner '01 Distinguished MAT Scholarship
  • Margaret Glace Scholarship, Art Education
  • Mildred Caplan Perl '39 Scholarship
  • Morris Louis Scholarship
  • Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Fellowship
  • O'Neill Troy Hammond '69,'75 Memorial Scholarship
  • Patricia Lion Krongard '77, '90, Art Education Scholarship
  • Perna Krick '31 & Reuben Kramer '32 Fellowship
  • Polevoy Scholarship
  • Surdna Scholarship
  • William Mayo Herring '41 Scholarship
  • William Phillips Memorial

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