#121 2019 Charcoal and Oil on Canvas 96 x 120 inches
#147, 150 2020 Oil and Alkyd on Panel 48 x 96
#132 2019 Oil on Canvas 48 x 96 inches
#143, 145 2020 Oil on Panel 48 x 96 inches
#134 2019 Oil on Canvas 48 x 96 inches
#144 2020 Oil and Damar on Panel 48 x 96 inches
#125, 126, 127, 128 2019 Oil and Graphite on Canvas 96 x 48 inches
#133 2019 Oil on Canvas 73 x 114 inches
#129, 130 2019 Oil, Graphite and Grease Pencil on Canvas 96 x 48 inches
#118, 119, 123 2019 Oil on Canvas 96 x 48 inches

My work is rooted in my perspective as an agendered identifying person. I use mark-making, material, and the sensational capacity of painting to ask questions about body, becoming, being, and abstract notions identity; employing contemporary post-structural theories.

I build off marks generated through an intimate relationship with the surface during heightened states. I hope that my work can ultimately operate as an affectual mirror - a sensationally perceptible Deleuzian Body without Organs - that allows both the creator and the viewer to access their own. 

Treating the “virtual” territory of the painting surface as an analog to a Body, I search within mysel[ves] through the surface to discover intensities that become actualized and amplified through the material.

Invisible forces begin to operate within this assemblage.  Many of which abstractly resemble those of the body like systolic action or vibrational waves and networks.  I hope through the work, the viewer naturally lets go of a signified or traditional phenomenological relationship with the image, and instead uses sensational logic to begin to connect with the piece and themselves.

This body of work evolved from the previous series 2 years prior - a diagrammatic exploration of sensational mark making.  Built on the foundations of neurobiology, automatic writing, 19th century French philosophy, and tantra; I explored a new afferent ontological vocabulary. It distilled into the current work with a shift from representation and diagram to operation and affect.

LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting (MFA) Students