Breakthrough 2019 Oil, oil stick on canvas 60 x 84 in.
Elamen 202 Oil, oil stick on canvas 59 3/4 x 48 in.
Turner 2019 Oil, acrylic on linen 60 x 48 in
Still the same 2020 Oil, on canvas 74 1/4 x 76 1/4 in
Ella es 2019 Oil on canvas 60 x 84 in.
Tupac, Thugz Mansion 2019 Oil on canvas 84 x 72 in.

Jerrell Gibbs retraces family memories, examining the origin of his own life by representing intimate and instantly joyous moments. While affirming the multilayered experience of the African-American diaspora, Gibbs plunges the viewer into an immersive experience, the realm of his childhood.

Growing up in Baltimore influenced his perspective of socio-economics, body politics, race, economic disparities and their influence on one another. Through his figurative portraits, Gibbs accentuates banal representations of black identity by depicting empathy, inviting the possibility for a spiritual connection. The works are adapted from small polaroids, adapted into life-size paintings. The artist draws from revised characters in his own life and narratives such as Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts, mimicking their playful illustrative style.

LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting (MFA) Students