Windy Periphery 2020 Oil on canvas 43" x 61"
A woman tending to the soil with a watering can and a pair of legs flying to a cloudy sky.
Keeper of the Soil / Icarus Falling Up 2019 Oil on canvas 48" x 72"
oil painting featuring a rock blocking a path
Roll /Block 2019 Oil on canvas 40" x 40 "
Two paintings of dense foliage hanging side by side
Lost and Found 2020 Oil on canvas 16" x 20"
A square oil painting depicting a pink woman overlaid with a drawing of a tiger.
A painting of a woman and a drawing of a tiger trapped together in a square container 2020 Oil on canvas 24" x 24"
A pair of hands digging into an abstracted landscape, oil on canvas.
Plunder 2019 Oil on canvas 36" x 36"
Six black and white pen illustrations featuring nuns, a TV set with a unicorn, and animals in a landscape.
Quarantine Sketchbook 2020 Pen on paper 8" x 11"
Six colorful illustrations featuring a trojan horse, the Shell logo as a phoenix, a boat at sea and a grounded ship.
System of Signs 2020 Marker on paper 8" x 11"
An oil painting of a rock blocking a road that cuts through a bright green field.
Age of Stagnation 2020 Oil on canvas 36" x 36"
A large oil painting depicting a moon rock sitting on top of a black road. Floral motifs are carved into the dark background.
Manifest Barricade 2020 Oil on canvas 47" x 62"

In this body of work, the road block is not the obstacle but the object of interest, a condition that is physical and psychological. The history of looking at nature through the lens of human exceptionalism is reconsidered in my approach to the medium by presenting inanimate forms as animate subjects that possess their own autonomy. Commonly exploited elements such as rocks, trees, and mountainous landscapes function as weighty symbols that block the picture plane, and subsequently the viewers path, in a mode of quiet resistance to the American mythos of manifest destiny. This repositioning engages the viewer in the mythic and historical power struggle between landscape and individual.

The excavation site becomes an emblem for the age of stagnation - a point where society plateaus and possibly runs out of innovative ideas, with only history to reference. Our problem in regards to our consumption of finite natural resources is similar to the problem of contemporary painting in the context of art history- there is the inevitable anxiety of running out of novel forms of expression, leading to an endless recycling of images. The hole in the ground thus serves as a site of negotiation for our present cultural and material condition in the post-industrial landscape.