American Flag with little flags of other countries on top
Flag XL 2019 Acrylic on canvas 24 x 48 inches
Maryland Flag made of wood
Maryland Flag 2020 Barrel staves on panel 32 x 48 inches
American Flag with WE in gold foil on top
We, all we… 2019 Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 60 x 89 ½ inches
Acrylic and transfer on canvas and shovel
Border Wall Prototype / Border Bridge Prototype 2019 Acrylic and transfer on canvas and shovel 60 x 107 inches

In a time when extreme new policies against immigrants are being established and ethnic-sectarian nationalism is on the rise across the world, my painting series transforms national flags from the political and symbolic scenery of native identity to a more frank historical understanding of the demographics that have shaped all migrant countries, specifically the Unites States. More than 98 percent of the ancestors of the current United States population are immigrants. I use the insignia to explore flags’ symbolic undertones and celebrate the U.S. old glory red, white, old glory blue , and the diverse colors of other national flags.

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