papers with artists design
Hybridentity 1
Hybridentity 2
Hybridentity 3
sign outside city building
Hybridentity Sign
Hybridentity 04
yellow sign with a chemical plant on it
Hybridentity Document Cola
sign that says harmony cookie
Hybridentity Harmony Cookie
a package that says sublime fries
Hybridentity Sublime Fries

Ning Chen is a designer who loves to use both 2D and 3D graphics as languages to tell stories. As a lover of life, she enjoys integrating her own personal narrative and experiences into art and design. Culture, fashion, and nature are key sources of her inspiration.

Her thesis Hybridentity is the identity of, or identification to a hybrid culture, which is symbolized in the collision and fusion of languages.

By a series of signage of various materials as a vehicle, Hybridentity showcases the unexpected, whimsical and equivocal feeling brought by the hybrid of Chinese culture and American culture. It compels audiences to be curious about the relationship between these two cultures and meaning behind the signs.