replica items created on display
Untitled Group
a white apple
Untitled Apple
a white rock
Untitled Rock
recreated drinking glass
Untitled Glass
sculpted rose
Untitled Rose
group of items compared with ones created by the artist
Untitled Display

Ella Huang is a graphic designer. She likes to explore different narrative methods, using 2d / 3d visual elements to express her thinking about philosophy and life.

Her thesis, A Matter of Time explores how still life forms connote time. The selected five still life objects: apple, rose, candle, a glass of water, and stone experience time differently and so serve as irregular time recorders. These irregular time recorders are documented through a time-lapse video coupled with 3D print object interaction which creates a unique time passing experience for the audience. This project conveys the concept that time is subjective and relative. The counting of time doesn’t represent time. The feeling of time exists in our minds.