Ichiban Sushi 2020 Mixed media 4"x6"
House from Forrestal Village
Deer House Mixed media 2"x2"
Cut outs at end of children's story
Forrestal Cut Outs 2019 Paper and Laser Cutting 8.5"x11"
A wee pixie village
Forrestal Village Front View 2019 Mixed media About 3 feet in length
Nest 2019 Mixed media 11X17
Tiki Island Overview 2020 Mixed media
Village made of found objects
Tiny Tiki Island Village 2020 Mixed media About 54" long
Two Tiki's Revealed
Two Tiki's Revealed
Village detail
Village detail
Angelina Cafe Paris 2020 Mixed media 4x6
Table and Chairs Detail
Table and Chairs Detail
Inn from Forestal Village
Pixie Inn 2019 Mixed media About 3"x3"

Nancy Whitcraft is a mixed media artist who creates tiny narrative worlds using man-made and natural objects.

Narratives, whether told through a children’s picture book, stage set design or retail widows all tell illustrative stories.

Through the use of everyday three-dimensional objects, found and man-made, she build models, and illustrations that tend towards the whimsical and entice viewers into real and alternate worlds.