Postcard #1: Greetings
Postcard #1: Greetings 2020
Postcard #2: Love
Postcard #2: Love 2020 Digital
Postcard #3: Excel
Postcard #3: Excel 2020 Digital
Postcard #4: Open Road
Postcard #4: Open Road 2020 Digital
Postcards #2 + #3
Postcards #2 + #3 Digital

Jenny Kessler is an illustrator, designer, and lettering artist based in Philadelphia and New York. In her work, she has a fondness for mid-century stylings, bold lettering, and bright color palettes, influenced by a love of printmaking and vintage imagery. Though she originally intended to create a mural for her thesis, she pivoted during the second half of the semester to create a series of vintage postcards entitled "Postcards From A Pandemic." This project was inspired by the concept of writing postcards not from a specific location, but instead from a moment in time or history. The device of the vacation postcard was also used to highlight the anxiety and stress of the current global crisis.