Plan Z Pill 2020 Digital video
Repression 2020 Digital video

I’m a Baltimore Comic and Filmmaker whose films focus primarily on screenwriting. My work exaggerates awkward and tense situations to provoke laughter (and sometimes fear). Creating narrative content with elements of surrealism, my stories follow the idea of story structure and vary it through psychological shifts of state. Soft, pastel colors and humor belie the dark truths at play in my work, as various editing techniques enable the anxiety that lurks beneath the surface of my stories.

The exploration of how we function with a set of fabricated societal rules hanging over our heads intrigues and freaks me out. To combat this anxiety I play with shifting and hyperbolizing these constructions through zany comedic choices. Themes of death, constructed femininity and multiple selves appear in my work, to further express the uncertainty of afterlives and growing into oneself.