A peering down at me from his deck.
A's Deck (1) 2019 120mm Film
A's point of view, me looking up at him from the ground, wearing a backpack and headphones.
A's Deck (2) 2019 120mm Film
This photograph captures me and my father's shadows on leaves at a park in my hometown.
Father & Daughter 2019 120mm Film
This photograph is a closeup photo of my first home. I'm peering out from a tree in the front yard.
First Home 2019 120mm Film
This work is "documentation" of My Embrace, photographs taken of the process of creating the cyanotype on garments. It is a diptych: on the left is one persons perspective and on the right is the other persons perspective of the embrace.
Untitled 2019 120mm Film, cyanotype on thrifted garments
This photograph is a portrait of someones hands. He's sitting on steps, holding a magnifying glass up to his left hand, focusing on his "A" tattoo on his middle finger. On his right hand, which is holding the magnifying glass, he has a heart tat
A 2019 120mm Film
This photograph is capturing white garments straight from my grandmothers closet on her bed. What's displayed is the crumbling hangers, making their mark on the clothing.
Straight From My Grandmother’s Closet 2019 120mm Film
This photograph is my mother and I posing in our attic whilst in the process of moving out.
Mother and Daughter 2019 120mm Film
Physical Impression. Photography. 2020.
Physical Impression 2020 120mm Film
This image is documentation of contact prints of a hug between two people, recorded on garments. What remains is their ghostly imprint on one another, created through Cyanotype, a light sensitive chemistry. This work is the core of my thesis.
My Embrace 2019 Cyanotype on thrifted garments 29 x 40 in

My thesis began through reflections of physical impression; how can I embody the presence of others through alternative processes of the photographic medium? I am constantly thinking about my personal relationship to clothing within the human experience, the representation of clothing through the camera, and how photography, at its core, solidifies ephemeral experiences. Through traditional and alternative uses of the photographic medium, these works are small vignettes of their ever-lasting imprint on my psyche.

Second hand garments, coated in cyanotype chemistry and exposed to sunlight during an embrace, act as the canvas to receive what is inherently fleeting: the impermanent nature of relationships. The photographs, all shot on medium format film, were made organically through each relationship. They act as an additional personal diary which not only gives further context, but aids me to remember; to help me understand why I am so drawn to archiving these moments, as the complexity of my emotions are constantly changing.