Abstract light purple background. A baby is in the bottom left corner, arms outstretched toward a crowd of various animals. This includes a bird, a sloth, a cheetah, a frog, a koala, and a whale.
Growing Up 01 2020 Digital 15.4"w x 6"h
A baby sits on the left with its mouth wide open. Three birds circle between the pages, with speech bubbles full of abstract shapes filling the page.
Growing Up 02 Digital
The baby is to the right in yellow pajamas. It crawls after a large sloth on the left page. They are in a jungle, with two other sloths hanging off of vines in the background.
Growing Up 03 Digital
The child is slightly older now, with short wavy hair. She runs left to right, chasing a large cheetah. Two other cheetahs are seen running in the plain sandy background.
Growing Up 04 Digital
It is a rainy day, and the girl jumps between the pages into a muddy puddle. Frogs are on either side of her, jumping as well.
Growing Up 05 Digital
A whale is cropped to fill the entire left page. The girl, much older now, swims in front of the whale, equipped with a bright swimsuit and snorkel. Tiny ocean creatures and seaweed fills the background.
Growing Up 06 Digital
The girl sits on the right in a thicket of trees. Koalas surround her; three babies hug her, a mother hugs another baby, two are hugging in the bottom left, and one hides in a tree in the upper left.
Growing Up 07 Digital
A purple tinted bedroom. The girl is fast asleep, surrounded by adorable stuffed versions of all of the animals that helped her through the book.
Growing Up 08 Digital

My work is focused on Children's Illustration. The bright, flat, and colorful style captures the humor and love I pour into each piece.