Community Art Collaborative

Americorps Benefits

Benefits of Service for 2022-23

  • Living Allowance:  A living allowance of $16,502 for the year. (The living allowance is subject to income tax.) 
  • Healthcare:  Free health coverage (through a special AmeriCorps healthcare plan with Cigna Healthcare). This includes medical, dental and vision.
  • Childcare Benefits:  Partial reimbursement for childcare costs - check out this link for more.
  • Education Award:  A federal Education Award of $6,945 for full-time members upon successful completion of your service, which can be used to pay eligible student loans or other eligible educational expenses. (For more info, please see this website about the Segal Education Award)
  • Loan Forbearance:  Deferment of eligible student loans while you are in service, and repayment of the interest that accrues while they are in deferment. (More info on the AmeriCorps website here.)
  • SNAP/Food Stamps:  Since AmeriCorps is a National Service Program, all AmeriCorps Members are eligible to enroll in the Maryland Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  The AmeriCorps stipend does not count as income for the purposes of this program, so AmeriCorps Members (around the country) can receive the highest monthly eligible amount, which is around $200.  CAC will provide letters to attach to the application that verify AmeriCorps status of Members.  More info on the SNAP program here
  • Professional Development:  Ongoing professional training in curriculum development, teaching and facilitation, grant writing, youth development, and much more!
  • Resources: Access to tons of valuable resources at MICA, including downloading free software (Adobe Creative Suite & Microsoft Office), access to resources at the MICA Decker Library, and access to rental technology equipment at the MICA Tech Center (rental cameras, video cameras, projectors, lighting kits, etc).
  • Networking: 
    • Access to the citywide and national AmeriCorps network for future opportunities and general networking.
    • Being part of a cohort team of community arts colleagues that you can collaborate with and learn from.
  • Second Year:  The option of staying on for a second year of the program, to further develop projects and relationships at your CAC Host Site.  Additional benefits for a 2nd year include: 
    • A second Education Award at the end of a second term. (AmeriCorps Members can only qualify for two full Education Awards)
    • The ability to take free MICA Open Studies classes, as part of the MICA Tuition Remission program for CAC Members. 
  • Alumni Benefit - Schools of National Service:  AmeriCorps alumni may qualify for special benefits (such as scholarships, fellowships, and more) when enrolling at participating colleges and universities across the country!  Learn more about benefits offered by select schools here: AmeriCorps Schools of National Service

AmeriCorps service is a year-long commitment. In order to serve, you must be at least 17 years old, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, and be a US citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident. Participation in CAC is conditional upon completion of a National Service Criminal History Check.  Learn more about AmeriCorps on this page of our website.