Host an Intern

Employer FAQs

Find the answers to commonly asked questions about hosting a MICA intern.

When can host an intern?

Interns generally complete their internship over the course of the fall, spring or summer semester. The internship does not need to conform to the dates of MICA’s academic semester, but it may be easier, so that students may coordinate their class schedules accordingly.  The majority of our students complete internships over the summer.

How long should an internship last?

MICA requires students to work a minimum of 120 hours (paid or unpaid) if completing a for-credit internship. The timeline to fulfill those hours is determined by the student and the employer. Most internships follow MICA's academic calendar, beginning at the start of the semester. However, students are allowed the flexibility to start at any time of year. Since the hour requirement is a minimum, students often continue to work at their internship site beyond the required hours. This must be agreed upon with the student.

What schedule is expected for the internship?

The schedule is determined between the intern and internship sponsor, and usually occurs during regular office hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. For example, an intern may spend two days per week on-site at the internship location over the course of the semester or up to 40 hours per week if interning over the summer.

Do need to pay an intern?

Internships can be paid or unpaid, and the student can still receive credit. If the internship is unpaid, you may consider offering other compensation such as a travel or meal stipend, complimentary membership at your organization or invitations to special events.

Is there an advantage to offering paid internship?

Offering a paid internship position makes the opportunity more competitive and can help to ensure commitment and investment on the part of the intern. If an internship includes design work, it is standard practice to pay the intern for those services.

How do find students to be interns?

You can post an internship description to our online jobs and internships database, There, you can create a profile for your business or organization. Once we approve your registration you will be able to log back in and post internship descriptions. There is no fee to create a profile or post opportunities for

Can you send me your best student to be my intern?

We don’t “place” interns at internship sites. Rather, we give students the tools to apply for internship opportunities. This gives you the authority to select the intern you feel is the best fit for your organization. It also helps the students develop their personal research and application skills, mimicking the professional world that they will soon be joining.

What if my intern is an international student?

As part of most international student's visa requirements, the student is required to register for credit to be eligible to work off campus. The student must be registered for Curricular Practical Training (C.P.T.) with MICA's Office of International Education before they can begin working with you.

What are my responsibilities as the internship host?

Please read the Internship Supervisor Guide for further details.

What is required of the student to receive academic credit for an internship?

  • Attend an Internship Orientation
  • Learning Contract: This solidifies the internship and registers the student for school credit
  • 120 Hours - paid or unpaid 
  • Log of Hours Forms: Midpoint and Finals
  • Documentation of Their Experience
  • 3 Informational Interviews
  • Resume and Cover Letter Samples
  • Midpoint and Final Questionnaires
  • Midpoint and Final Supervisor Evaluations 
  • Career Exploration Map
  • Final Internship Summary
  • Final Presentation

What if there is problem with lateness or absence?

If you have any problems with your intern's performance, please be sure to give the appropriate feedback directly to the student. You may also wish to contact MICA Career Development to discuss the problem and get feedback on how best to approach the issue. In serious cases, a student may be released from their internship position and will not receive academic credit for the internship.

What if my intern was huge success and would like to hire another MICA student?

Please repost your position in and repeat! View our MICAnetwork Employer Guide in the Resource Library for instructions if you are new to the system.