Below are instructions on how to install and utilize the Duo Mobile App on your smart phone. This is the recommended method for authenticating your account.
  1.  Navigate to and sign in 

  2.  You will see the Duo Enrollment screen, click the green Start Setup button

  3.  Click the device you are adding, a Mobile Phone, then click Continue

  4.  Add your mobile phone number and check the box below the number field to confirm it is correct, then click Continue 

  5. Select what brand of phone you are using, then click Continue 

  6.  Now you will need to download the Duo Mobile app onto your phone using your version of the App store. Once you have downloaded the app, click I have Duo Mobile Installed 
    *Note: If your Play Store does not have Duo Mobile you will need to follow the instructions for SMS texts following these steps 

  7.  The computer will now ask you to scan a QR code on the screen using the Duo App
    Open up the application and press the + button in the upper right hand corner, the app may ask you for permission to use your camera and will ask to push notifications. Press Allow for both of these requests.

  8.  After scanning the QR code click Continue 

  9. Now that you are fully enrolled, we can get back to getting you logged into MyMICA. 
    Select Continue to Login

  10.  This is what the push notification on your phone will look like, you will be able to confirm the location of the login and approve access. If you receive a login alert not prompted by you, deny it and contact the Help Desk immediately.