Five Career Development Resources You Should Explore

The Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development

At MICA, we connect artists and designers to opportunities.

And through a range of resources, programs, and services, staff at the Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development fosters the career growth of both students and alumni.

Schedule a Career Counseling Appointment

A career counseling appointment is a great way to start a conversation about what is important to you, and exploring your options and strategies. You can make an appointment online or call 410-225-2420.

Here are five ways the team at Career Development can help you work strategically toward your future:

1. Find an Internship

Internships are a great way to get experience and start building a professional network while in school.

2. Find a Job, Build a Network

In addition to assistance with resumes and portfolios, our counselors can help you research opportunities and make professional connections.

3. Attend A Spring Event

From a MICA Talks Alumni Panel on February 15 to our annual Internship + Career Fair on March 1, we will hold a number of events and programs throughout spring.

Click to view our Spring 2019 Event Calendar

4. Apply to Graduate School

Career Development experts can help you learn how to research programs, understand requirements, develop a timeline, and will review your graduated school application.

5. Research Funding, Grant, Residency and Fulbright Opportunities

We can help you explore different options for financing travel or specific projects, and research residencies and fellowships to suit your career goals.

Remember, whether you are a current student or alumnus of MICA, we are here to help you!  Make an appointment online or call 410-225-2420.