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How to Find an Internship (website)
MICA Internship Blog 
Housing In NYC (Pdf)

Internship Housing for Major Cities
Job Search Tool Kit (Pdf) 
Netiquette: An Online Networking Guide (Pdf)
How To Use Linkedin (Pdf) 
Informational Interviews (Pdf)
Informational Interview How-To (Pdf)
Working With Diversity (Pdf)
Working As A Designer In The Tech Industry (Url)
Job Board: College Art Association
Job Board: Higher Ed Jobs 
Job Board: Chronicle Of Higher Education
Job Board: Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (Herc)


Career Exploration Map (Pdf) 
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Mbti)
Careers In The Arts (Pdf) 
Baltimore Geoloom Community Map 
Professionally Navigating COVID-19 (Pdf)


Sending Professional Emails (Pdf)


Mastering The Interview (Pdf) 
Confidence Guide (Pdf)
Virtual Engagement Guide (Pdf)



Job Searching During COVID-19 (video)
Join Career Counselor Marsha Hammond as she discusses 8 tips for job searching during COVID-19

Networking During COVID-19 (video)
Join Career Counselor Marsha Hammond as she discusses how to use this time for networking, researching career paths, building community around your career interests.

Take Care of Mental Health During a Job Search (video)
Mindset for Success // Job searching can be a hard process.  Learn tips and tricks for taking care of your mental health during your job search.  

Interviewing (video)
Join Career Counselor Marsha Hammond as she shares tips & tricks for acing your interview, including best practices for video interviews during Covid-19. 

Finding A Job (Alumni Video)
Maintaining Your Practice (Alumni Video)