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How to Find an Internship (website)
MICA Internship Blog 
Housing In NYC (Pdf)

Internship Housing for Major Cities
Job Search Tool Kit (Pdf) 
Netiquette: An Online Networking Guide (Pdf)
How To Use Linkedin (Pdf) 
Informational Interviews (Pdf)
Informational Interview How-To (Pdf)
Working With Diversity (Pdf)
Working As A Designer In The Tech Industry (Url)
Job Board: College Art Association
Job Board: Higher Ed Jobs 
Job Board: Chronicle Of Higher Education
Job Board: Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (Herc)


Career Exploration Map (Pdf) 
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Mbti)
Careers In The Arts (Pdf) 
Data On Art School Graduates (Snaap)
Baltimore Geoloom Community Map 
Professionally Navigating COVID-19 (Pdf)


Sending Professional Emails (Pdf)


Mastering The Interview (Pdf) 
Confidence Guide (Pdf)
Virtual Engagement Guide (Pdf)


How to Find an Internship (video)
Learn internship basics and Career Development resources to help students find opportunities. Multiple strategies are discussed with an emphasis on utilizing one’s own connections to find internships that align with personal goals and values. Geared toward undergraduates, but also helpful for graduates interested in internships.

Job Searching During COVID-19 (video)
Join Career Counselor Marsha Hammond as she discusses 8 tips for job searching during COVID-19

Networking During COVID-19 (video)
Join Career Counselor Marsha Hammond as she discusses how to use this time for networking, researching career paths, building community around your career interests.

Take Care of Mental Health During a Job Search (video)
Mindset for Success // Job searching can be a hard process.  Learn tips and tricks for taking care of your mental health during your job search.  

Interviewing (video)
Join Career Counselor Marsha Hammond as she shares tips & tricks for acing your interview, including best practices for video interviews during Covid-19. 

Finding A Job (Alumni Video)
Maintaining Your Practice (Alumni Video)