Career Resources

Grants, Residencies, Competitions and Exhibitions

As an artist or designer, you have made a commitment to choosing a career path in a creative field.

Applying to any competitive opportunity requires a great deal of effort, from preparing materials to creating a statement of intent. The students and alumni we have worked with through the years have told us the application process itself was a beneficial learning opportunity that helped them attain significant skills that remained useful throughout their careers.

Career Development can introduce you to the grant seeking process, identify resources for your individual goals and assist you with your application.


Resource: Grants, Fellowships, and Competitions Sourcebook (Pdf)
Resource: Fulbright Fellows Program
Resource: Mica On Kickstarter
Resource: Kickstarter How To (Pdf)


Database: New York Foundation For The Arts (Nyfa) 
Database: Art Deadlines List
Database: Res Artis Residency Database 
Database: Transartists Residency Database


Journal: Bmore Art (Baltimore) 
Journal: Hyperallergic (Nyc) 
Journal: Brooklyn Rail (Nyc)
Journal: Art F City (Nyc)


Applying to Grad School & Residencies
This presentation begins with an introduction to residencies and how to research the best fit for you. This first portion is ideal for both Graduate students and Undergrads. The second portion is an introduction to graduate school and a few reasons folks may want to pursue an MFA. 

Approaching Galleries / Self Promotion
An introduction to various types of exhibition venues and research strategies for finding fine art opportunities. Also covered is an introduction to self promotion. A great primer for Graduate students & Undergrads.

Grant Writing
From local to global opportunities, Erin Treacy will address researching grant opportunities with a brief introduction to grant writing practices.