A Collection 2021 Bisqued stoneware, painted wall Approximately 1’x5” and 6’x5”
Large scale painting with a skull in the center and tree branches going through it. + Enlarge
Intertwined 2021 Acrylic paint, Canvas 2’x3’
Small scale arched form made of glass with a silhouette in the center and dried flowers on the side. Has ceramic paper boats surrounding it on top of a blue dripping pedestal. + Enlarge
Silhouette 2021 Stained Glass, Ceramic, Dried Flowers 4’’x3’’
A small stained glass piece depicting an archway with water flowing through from a mirror + Enlarge
Flood Gates 2021 Stained Glass 6’’x4’’

When we think of love we think of connections we’ve created in the past and present. I’ve always been so drawn to how we interact with each other and how that impacts our emotional state. Love is a universal feeling that we all feel as the human experience and being able to help an audience reconnect with those special moments. We all take those memories for granted and once we need them they’re gone. Love comes with facets with the unconditional kind, but always a chance for loss and growth. I would like to create an atmosphere that not only creates a space for my personal experience and universal experience.

 I would describe my work to be dreamy and surreal. The concepts I frequently revolve around are nostalgia and closeness, with inherent feminine qualities- as these moments are coming from my own experience and how I process my relation to myself and the world.                      

Ceramics (BFA) Students