Ceramics (BFA)

For this piece I was inspired by toy theater and pop up books. I used both ceramics pieces and illustration to create layers to represent a city. + Enlarge
A Place 1 2021 Ceramics, wood, gouache, paper 22” x 32” x 20”
A handful of familiar ceramic vessels inhabit an interior with checkerboard floors and bright lighting. They fill the room like bodies at a crowded function. + Enlarge
A Get Together 2020 stoneware, house paint, mica pigment, glaze, cinder blocks, bricks
3 melting vessels with a colorful painting behind it. + Enlarge
A Collection 2021 Bisqued stoneware, painted wall Approximately 1’x5” and 6’x5”
This series of vessels attempts to recast my experiences of being a new immigrant in this country into personal monuments. The monument then serves as a meditation on the idea and history of displacement.  These works play with the materials response to g + Enlarge
Basket/Caudron #1 2018 Woodfired stoneware 13*18*12 inches
Ceramics (BFA) Students