Collage of painted imagery. There is a woman in the middle sitting on a rock holding a purse, a halo-like orange sun behind her head, 2 plants on either side of her, a young girl on the right side of the canvas, a metal gate on the far right, an orange fi + Enlarge
Mother and Daughter 2023 Acrylic gouache on canvas 48 x 60 inches
Young girl sitting outside on a red picnic blanket in a poofy green dress. She is drinking from a striped cup and has a baseball glove in front of her. There are women sitting behind the girl in lawn chair, and their faces are cropped out of the image. + Enlarge
Ada's Day Out 2022 Screenprint on Stonehenge 24in x 18 inches
Black and white image of a woman standing in front of a car. Her house can be seen in the background. There is a pink patterned border around the artwork. + Enlarge
Transporting Through Time 2022 Screenprint on Stonehenge 24 x 18 inches
Three people stand in front of a laundromat backlit: a young man, a boy, and a girl. The window of the laundromat reads "Willie Moy Hand Laundry Cleaners." The artwork consists primarily of blues of all shades and hot pink. + Enlarge
Family Business 2022 Screenprint on Stonehenge 24 x 18 inches

Working in painting, printmaking, collage, and digital media, I create two-dimensional, mixed-media works to better understand the relationships between myself and my maternal family. I draw upon personal and familial experiences from family photographs, oral histories, and my own memory to construct multi-layered compositions that consist of portraits and interior subject matter. Each of my works portrays and celebrates the lives and personalities of those who are depicted through color, material, and individual-specific patterns. Meanwhile, themes of poignancy and beauty are also emphasized throughout my work, highlighting loss while also conveying the joyous times we spent together.