Black and gray room  where the Player trying to solve an puzzle to get past an giant monster blocking the exits. + Enlarge
Chaos Theory Unity and Photoshop
Four Players as slime in a room playing tag. Three are the runner and one as the tagger. + Enlarge
TagSlime Unity and Aseprite
Player in an arcade room with arcade machine and an elder man waiting for the player when the player finished. + Enlarge
Arcade Edition Unity and Aseprite

I’m a small game designer who enjoys making games. I have been playing games since my childhood from Pacman to Crash Bandicoot.  I've been pursuing my interest to become an indie game developer to work on indie projects & games and publish my game for everyone to play.

Chaos Theory is a 2D platform game where the player has the ability to switch between realms while solving puzzles. Player takes the role of an unknown character who is trying to find about his past and facing his demons in demonic realm.

TagSlime is a multiplayer four player tag game taking the role as runner and tagger. The goal for the player is to be the last standing while avoiding the tagger. If the player is tagged they will become the new tagger.

Arcade Edition is a mini game project where the player plays three mini games requiring you to jump over obstacles.


Game Design (BFA) Students