Game Design (BFA)

A screenshot of an interactive poem game, Operation. In-game illustration featured is a self portrait of the artist with portions of their body sectioned off and highlighted, similar to the board game "Operation." + Enlarge
Operation 2020 Unity
Beyond the Bow is a puzzle adventure game set aboard the Titanic. + Enlarge
Beyond the Bow 2020 Digital Video Game
Screenshots of Beyond the Bow, a digital game set on the Titanic. The main character is pictured in various spaces traversing the interior of the Titanic and talking to characters. It is pixel art, with low lighting. This thesis was made by Kiera Boyle, M + Enlarge
Beyond the Bow 2 2021 Digital Game
Black and gray room  where the Player trying to solve an puzzle to get past an giant monster blocking the exits. + Enlarge
Chaos Theory Unity and Photoshop
New Thunder Fury Trailer (Video) 2021 Digital artwork (Made with Ableton Live)
Game Design (BFA) Students