Julia Martinez-Rivas

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Examples and Outcomes 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in
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Examples and Outcomes 2020 Mixed media
Creating Patterns from found paper. + Enlarge
Lesson One: Patterns 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in
Altering a surface to create texture. + Enlarge
Lesson Three: Texture 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in
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Lesson Two examples and Outcomes 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in
Using space and shadow to learn about positive and negative space.   + Enlarge
Lesson Two: Space and Shadow 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in
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Patterns Pt.2 2020 Mixed media
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Space and Shadow Pt 2 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in
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Texture Pt. 2 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in

I have background experience in museum education and leading workshops. I have always been interested in teaching and providing lessons that can fit for any classroom. Taking my prior experience I wanted to create lessons and/or workshops that are adaptable to any setting or location. In the current time of COVID-19, I decided to base my Thesis on creating flexible lessons that can be shared and taught in different spaces. I wanted to combine museum and classroom education experiences to create lessons and activities that are adaptable and flexible. 

To do this, I researched the most common items found in households. From there, I began to create potential activities and create prototypes. Creating a prototype helped me develop the lesson plan because I was able to get first-hand experience of the activity. For user reference, I added three artist’s work as a reference. One artist was a person of color, a female artist, and a well-known artist. Then I added some art vocabulary words in the lesson and created the step-by-step instructions. To test the lessons I distributed the worksheets to friends and classmates and asked for their thoughts and feedback. After receiving their recommendations I made tweaks and adjustments to complete each activity. My final Thesis became three workshops for ages six and up. I have included examples of artwork made by participants in response to my lessons.