Teaching (MAT)

Sounds of Rain is a representation of a painted tapestry that pulls into play elements of grief, change, reincarnation and growth. The arrangement and choice of symbols are tied into my personal family history.  While conducting interviews with my grandfa + Enlarge
Sounds of Rain 2021 Oil on Canvas, Quilted Frame 11in X 14in
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Big Fish 2020 cardboard, acrylic paint, pen, and encyclopedia book images 9 x 12 inches
Teaching badge. + Enlarge
Ms. Murray's Art Class 2021 Digital, mixed media
George Floyd was a 46 year old African American who was killed while being arrested on May 25th, 2020. Four officers were a part of the arrest, but one officer knelt on George's neck for 9 and half minutes and killed him. In a video of George's death you + Enlarge
In memory of George Floyd 2020 Mixed Media 9" x 12"
This piece is a work in progress. The original sketch of this painting was to help me ground and conduct research for my Fulbright application. As the semester went on, this piece transformed into a place to process. I am intentionally taking my time with + Enlarge
Blue Bird (WIP) 2020 Acrylic markers and paint on masonite board 24x48
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Examples and Outcomes 2020 Mixed media 11x17 in
Imagine we are standing next to each other in a gallery space, in a post-COVID world, stepping back to look at my work. Read through my description on the right to experience how I would describe my work to you. I would begin by explaining my process and + Enlarge
My Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Thesis Installation
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Untitled 2021 Silicone 23 x 12 x 6 in
A collection of printed film photographs taken in my home town chained together and attached to a large piece of found driftwood, various things collected from the beach, and thrifted pearl and shell beads for 'decoration' all combined to form a curated i + Enlarge
The Wool Over My Eyes 2021 Printed film photographs, salvaged driftwood, found items 4'x5'
Self Portrait. 18x24 inches + Enlarge
Self Portrait 2020 acrylic 18x24 inches
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Isolation Detail 03 2021 Ink on paper. 8x10 inches
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Inside Out Diary I 2020 Marker, Graphite, Paper 12in x 9in
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Artificial Human 01 2020 3dmax, Adobe Photoshop 4'x4'