A large, bat-like creature with white ticked feathers, hanging upside down from a branch in the middle of a forest in winter. It stares intently at the viewer, occasionally rotating its head. + Enlarge
Pteropus articus 2021 Animated GIF
A mink-like creature glides through a forest as the sun sets behind it, carrying its prey–a small mouse–in its mouth. + Enlarge
Pterodentia mustela 2021 Animated GIF
A large, mostly blue wolf-like creature stands before the viewers, its bird beak open in a snarl. Its tail feathers. reminiscence of a peacock's, rattles in an intimidating display, large enough to cast the creature in shadow. + Enlarge
Rasselnus canis 2021 Animated GIF
A long, snake-like fish constricts its prey, an Amazon river dolphin, and prepares to consume its meal. Its brown scales shine as the light reflects off of them, showing off their iridescence. + Enlarge
Abaius arca 2021 Animated GIF

For this semester, I chose to draw four animated GIFs featuring a made-up animal, created by randomizing two animals from a predetermined list. The creature that is created would be depicted as a mix of their progenitors' traits, both physical and behavioral. They will be accompanied by an article written by the artist for a fictional newspaper, describing the world's potential reaction to these new creatures being discovered.

Illustration (BFA) Students