AJ Rodriguez de Gonzalez

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El Morro: Then 2020 Gif Illustration
An moving gif illustration of Tarpon, large fish that grow up to 8 feet, slowly floating in the waters of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Their mouths open and close and their gazes shift as they await for a small fish to pass them by or for a tourist to toss them fo + Enlarge
Here: La Guancha 2020 Gif Illustration
An illustrated Gif of a girl sitting in a kayak on the nearly still waters of Mosquito Bay. This bioluminescent bay glows as the paddle and kayak float on the water. + Enlarge
Here: Mosquito Bay 2020 Gif Illustration
An isometric view of an Old West General Store, both the interior and exterior. The interior contains many cluttered items such as barrels and bags of flour. + Enlarge
General Store Isometric 2020 Digital Art
Concept art of a pioneer teenage girl with ginger hair in twin braids with alternate versions of her head wearing a bonnet. She is in a light blue dress. + Enlarge
The Oregon Trail: the Daughter 2020 Digital Art

I'm AJ Gonzalez, a visual development artists and animator. Growing up, I've been surrounded by nature between the Pocono Mountains and the beautiful beaches and rainforests of Puerto Rico and I channel much of that into my work in interactive media such as animation and games. When not making art, AJ loves to go rock-climbing, surfing, and spend hours on the character creation screen.

Illustration (BFA) Students