The Unbeknownst video 2019 Video
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The Unbeknownst 01 2019
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The Unbeknownst 02 2019
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The Unbeknownst 03 2019
Performance Piece video 2019 Video
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Performance Piece 01 2019
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Performance Piece 02 2019
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Performance Piece 03 2019
Anointed Touch Salon & Spa [A] 2020 Video
Anointed Touch Salon & Spa [C] 2020 Video
HISTORIC Laurel Manor House Bed & Breakfast 2020 Video
GUEST ROOMS at Laurel Manor House Bed & Breakfast 2020 Video
SERVICE at LAUREL Manor House Bed & Breakfast 2020 Video

I have two different modes of working, one of self-expression and the other what I call expression-by-proxy. The first two films in my exhibition are those of self-expression. “The Unbeknownst” is a study in abstract video and “Performance Piece” is a study in both surrealism and self-performance. I created all of the audio from scratch in both of these pieces from a contact microphone and a synthesizer. The other four pieces consist of commercials for local small businesses, in which I use a combination of my knowledge and creativity to create a marketable product that reflects their style. I enjoy the inspiration I receive from other entrepreneurs and in turn using my technical skill to convey their message through moving image. I do this as a means of passion and earning an income, which in turn allows me to grow both professionally and financially so that I am able to create my own self-expressive work.