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Alanah In Studio 2021
The three colorful layers are letterpress printed using wood type from the Globe Collection. + Enlarge
Miss Mary Mack 2021 Wood Type Print 18x24

Alanah Nichole Davis is a mother, essayist, cultural worker, social designer, and philanthropist from The Bronx, NY based in Baltimore MD. Davis is a candidate for her Master of Arts in Social Design at Maryland Institute College of Art and is affectionately referred to as Baltimore’s Godmother for her ability to foster, support, love, and build everything she touches. Her written witticisms surrounding love, race, womanhood, and being a human have gone viral online in perfect millennial fashion and are also in print to match her old soul.

During my time at MICA/MASD, I've been working with nostalgia and specifically what nostalgia might look like as a tool for healing specifically for Black women and girls. Nostalgia can help us cope with a transition in our lives, give us comfort, and help our sense of identity. In my independent studies during my Social Design studio I've found through a series of interviews that when a person travels back to a productive or motivational time, the nostalgic emotions can help push them toward growth and future inspiration. In tandem with my study of Nostalgia, I created a set of posters with Globe at MICA after being inspired by a printmaking class with Bob Cicero in my first semester at MICA. 

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