Hand-painted Paper cutouts converted to animation, digital work + Enlarge
COVID Walk 02 2021

My artwork is about the transience of the human body and mind. The COVID-19 lockdown brought a challenge and struggle, with a loss of space and social anxiety. This situation made me rethink and establish a practice that would forge a connection with the outside world from a tiny room. The impending dilemma alleviated with my hand-painted paper cutouts' experimental animation to communicate a displaced and disconnected immigrant's imperfections. It creates a symbolic relationship and philosophical sense while struggling to be functional and non-functional in the pandemic.

The plan is to juxtapose the puppetry and theatrical representation in an animation where I aim to create an inanimated interactive- visually, verbally, and non-verbally work to connect with the audiences.

Mount Royal School of Art (Multidisciplinary MFA) Students