Printmaking (BFA)

A colorful composition consisting of the layering and juxtaposition of stamps to create patterns. + Enlarge
Stamp Sunrise 2020 Rubber Stamp, Colored Pencil on Paper 7" x 11"
The series ends with “Is Barbarism With a Human Face Our Fate?” which is a series of photo-transferred human masks. The artist collected scans of human faces from people all over the world and made them into masks. By making and wearing them, the artist t + Enlarge
Is Barbarism With a Human Face Our Fate? 05 2021 Photo-transferred on Handmade paper 14”x 9 ½ ” (each mask)
A detail of a tender escape. + Enlarge
A Tender Escape (Detail 1) 2020 Linoleum relief print 36" x 24"
First image captures laser cut stacked cardboard which forms an abstracted 3-D female representing torso.  Second and third image captures a 18”x24” sheet of handmade white abaca paper which was laid on top of the 3-D cardboard torso. + Enlarge
She Was So Sick With Fear That She Could Do Nothing But Listen To It 01 2021 Cardboard laser cut, abaca pulp 18" x 24"
The imagery depicts golden sugar kelp, confined to a small square. + Enlarge
Sugar Kelp detail 01 2021 Laser Print 2" x 2"