Undergraduate Minors

Humanistic Studies Minor


Total credits required for a minor in Humanistic Studies: 15.0

The following minor plan is for students entering in the 2022-23 academic year.

There are five fields of study in the minors program of the Humanistic Studies Department: literary studies, creative writing, gender studies, culture and politics, and critical theory. Students minoring in Humanistic Studies must elect one of these fields and then meet the following requirements:

  • Secure an appropriate Humanistic Studies departmental faculty member as a minor adviser.
  • Successfully complete 15 credits of study in the minor field. Minor field courses are those courses identified by  Humanistic Studies department faculty and approved by the department chair as satisfying the minor requirements for each of the five minor fields listed above. Each field has courses approved for minor study in that field.
  • Successfully complete an approved thesis in the minor field under the direction of the minor adviser. 


Course #


Humanistic studies minor Requirements
Humanistic Studies Elective 3.0
Humanistic Studies Elective 3.0
Humanistic Studies Elective 3.0
Humanistic Studies Elective 3.0
Humanistic Studies Elective 3.0


  • Transfer students must declare their intention to pursue a Humanistic Studies minor within the first four weeks of their first semester in attendance at MICA. Admission to the Humanistic Studies minors program for transfers is granted by the department chair on a case-by-case basis.
  • Registration for any course to be used to fulfill minor requirements must have the prior approval of the department chair.
  • The department must approve the satisfaction of all minor requirements before the minor is awarded. This includes successful completion of the minor thesis.


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