Led by internationally renowned illustrator, photographer, and comic book colorist Jose Villarrubia, MICA's BFA in Illustration fosters an understanding of the dynamic field today and urges students to shape its future. Illustration majors gain strong technical and conceptual skills and emerge from the program prepared to create work with a personal voice that resonates with contemporary culture and markets.

MICA Students Selected for Scholarship Award

Christy Ni '18 (Illustration), Water on Mars

The Society of Illustrators has selected ​ ​​seven​ MICA students for their 2016 Student Scholarship Competition. Students from several colleges and universities across the United States competed to exhibit their work in the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in New York.

Featured students in the 2016 Student Scholarship Exhibit include: Nan Cao​ '16 (Illustration), Fear of Sugar, Ink & Digital Color; Joshua Fetzer '16 (Illustration), After the Party, Digital; Aster (Daphne) Hung '16 (Illustration), Blurry Eyes, Digital; Christy Ni '18 (Illustration), Water on Mars, Digital; Drew Shields '16 (Animation), The Botanist’s Apprentice, Polymer Clay; Krystal Smith '16, Manacus, Watercolor Graphite; Wenjia Tang '17(Illustration) Subway, Digital.

The Society as well as various other generous private and corporate donors grant scholarships to the best students featured in the competition. Beginning May 10 through June 4, the Museum will display the student's work as well as a full-color catalog. Awards and certificates are given to the students during the Opening Reception on May 13, 2016.

Joshua Fetzer - The Cocktail Party - American Illustration 35!

Joshua Fetzer ‘16 (Illustration) The Cocktail Party was selected by the prestigious American Illustration 35 competition to appear permanently online as part of The American Illustration-American Photography (AI-AP) Archive.

From 10,003 submissions, the jury selected, only 339 images to appear in the book and represent the best pictures from 2015 (320 professional, 19 students). The competition's seven jurors work as artists and designers at respected organizations, such as New York Times and Golf Digest.

Joshua Fetzer ‘16 (Illustration) After the Party was selected by the Society of Illustrators Annual Student Competition this year.

Joshua Fetzer - After The Party