Pathways at MICA and Beyond: Taylor McManus ’19 (Illustration BFA)

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“When I started my journey at MICA in the Illustration Department, I had a vision of what I hoped my work could look like. Sometimes that vision gave me direction and sometimes it held me back from exploring all the possibilities of what my work could be.”

“I had many amazing teachers and peers who challenged me to try so many approaches and types of illustration. Some challenges were successful and some totally flopped, but those trials and errors only accelerated my knowledge and growth as an artist.”

Illustration by Taylor McManus, 2022, digitalIllustration by Taylor McManus, 2022, digital

I graduated from MICA with a foundation of how I approached my creative process and how to navigate the industry as a professional.

As I continued to grow after graduating, making work I found meaningful, I was able to network with other professional illustrators online and get commissions. Networking enabled me to get an agent which only expanded the opportunities I was given.

The MICA Illustration program not only opened my eyes to all the possibilities that exist within illustration, but equipped me to handle the opportunities I was granted post graduation.