Illustration (Major)

Program Overview

Tracks in sequential art and preproduction offer focused study for students interested in the comics, graphic novel, video game, and film industries. Interdisciplinary options for specialized study include studio concentrations in book arts, animation, graphic design, and printmaking.

Sophomore Year

A variety of approaches in the use of materials, styles, and markets are explored in the sophomore year in the courses Sophomore Illustration I and II. In addition, two electives in illustration offer an opportunity to further define technical skills and explore possibilities within the major.

Junior Year

Confronting the challenges of problem-solving, collaboration, and development of ideas with insight and originality are addressed in the junior year in their Junior Illustration I and II classes. Students further identify their strengths and personalize their coursework through a variety of electives in the department.

Senior Year

Seniors are mentored in two semesters of portfolio building work in Senior Illustration I and II to prepare a solid body of work in order to become professional illustrators. Professional Development for Illustrators includes portfolio preparation, business practice, intellectual property, and copyright issues.