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The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Arts program offers an intensive, fine arts studio experience that allows students to achieve a new level of mastery in artmaking and the preparation for professional practice or to apply to competitive MFA programs, including those at MICA.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Arts

Chris Manzione

Profile: Chris Manzione

After Chris Manzione ’07 finished the Post-Baccalaureate in Fine Arts certificate program at MICA, he went on to get his MFA at Rutgers, do major solo shows, and win a Skowhegan Award and an Emerging Artist Fellowship. He also serves as a visiting artist for several highly-regarded art and design colleges.

When discussing his experience at MICA, Manzione said, "My year in the Post-Bacc program, being part of the graduate program and seeing exactly what that entailed, really helped me—first, to make the decision that I wanted to pursue grad school, but also in developing a real practice that I could really build on as opposed to being thrown out of undergrad with no real guidance or knowledge about what was going on outside of the school itself. We all got really close in the Post- Bacc program, and having larger MICA community around us showed me what was possible."

"The Post-Baccalaureate program really changed everything for me," he added.  "It was one of the biggest shifts of my life. It set things straight. I’d recommend it, especially if someone is not sure if they’re ready for grad school."

Post-Bac in Fine Arts Program Overview

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