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Photography + Media & Society (MFA)

Photography + Media & Society @ MICA is a vibrant Master of Fine Arts program where mature, self-motivated candidates for the degree explore photography and media as an interdisciplinary medium informed by the liberal and visual arts and the record of the human story.

The program offers an active think tank for socially engaged thought-leaders to produce knowledge and meaning in the public sphere through visual, material, and media culture using lens and data-based photographic, imaging, and media tools.

The curriculum content, program culture, the human and material resources of the College, and the City of Baltimore offer a rich community of experience and knowledge to build the foundation for launching a borderless, sustainable for-profit post-graduate practice within and beyond fine art at the crossroads of culture and commerce.

Featured Course

Beyond The White Cube: Research Think Tank

This course is a think tank featuring weekly presentations by MICA faculty and other creative thought leaders. We will examine innovative practices across a wide range of disciplines that specifically produce knowledge and meaning informed by research of all kinds—in music, cinema, non-fiction and fiction writing, advertising, design, and theatre, among other areas. The paths to build a knowledge base that informs creative production, the role of intention, intuition, and intellectual curiosity as paths for developing and sustaining the flow of ideas will be essential course topics.

Locus Community, Zheng Ye + Enlarge
Brown Boy, Beverly Price + Enlarge
Not Everyone Has Access to Water: Jessica Rohl, Tyler Grimes, & Terra Blissett + Enlarge
Perfect Lips, Alyssa Riegel + Enlarge
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