Product Design Minor

Resources for Current Students

Here you will find a helpful list of resources for current Product Design students. From fabrication resources like were to get nuts and bolts and what glues to use, to software installation, and guidance on creating your professional portfolio.

Do you have an idea of what else should be on this page? Get in touch with the Chair of Product Design.

Keyshot Rendering Software

The Product Design program uses Keyshot to create photorealistic images (renderings) of CAD models. There are other rendering softwares, including Adobe Dimension and the the rendering tools in Fusion 360, that are easier to use and access for all MICA students.

Due to the limited number of Keyshot licenses purchased by the department, access is limited to currently enrolled Product Design junior and senior students.

Creating a Product Design Portfolio

Every designer has a portfolio of their work to show prospective employers. This presentation has advice and best practices for crafting your portfolio and looking for employment opportunities.

Where can I get hardware and materials for my project?

Many projects need custom hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, etc.) or materials (plastics, wood, metal). The MICA store carries a good selection of hardware and materials (go there first), but if you don't find what you're looking for this curated list of hardware stores and material suppliers in the Baltimore area and on-line suppliers may point you in the right direction.