Dave Inscore is a 22 year game industry veteran who began his career as an art intern at Microprose Software in 1995.

I began my career as an art intern at Microprose Software in 1995. I quickly rose to the position of Art Director in 2000 after co-founding Big Huge Games in Baltimore, Maryland. At Big Huge I provided artistic leadership for a team of over 100 game developers-including a 26-person art department. Some of the studio's most successful games include Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends, of which the latter received Gamespy's 2006 Special Achievement in Art Direction Award and has been lauded by the press as "A playable piece of art..." (Game Revolution) and "... the best-looking RTS I've ever played" (PC Gamer). In 2010 I began working as Art Director for social game developer, Zynga East. During my time at Zynga I worked on FrontierVille as well as CityVille 2. I've spoken at GDC on multiple occasions and have also delivered the keynote address at SCAD's annual Game Developer eXchange conference. In January 2013 I moved on from Zynga to explore new opportunities. For much of that year I worked as a consultant to Moore College of Art on their newly launched game program. In November 2013 I reunited with a number of fellow Big Huge Games veterans at Sparkypants Studios. In addition to guiding company strategy as one of three Sparkypants business partners, I serve as Art Director on our yet-to-be-announced title.