Humanistic Studies Minor

Literary Studies Specialization

When students pick a Minor in Humanistic Studies, they also select a specialization that can help them define the shape of their self-selected Minors coursework, as well as the selection of their advisor for their capstone thesis project.

Students specializing in Literary Studies for their Minor can analyze and interpret texts from any genre (this can include poetry, novels, epics, folktale, drama, and mixed-genre works), era, or region of the world. The thesis project can allow for a deep engagement with a particular literary work or can analyze a theme spanning several different texts.

Featured Course

Utopia in Literature and History

Intellectuals and dreamers throughout history have imagined utopias - perfect worlds in which the moral and social problems that eternally plague human societies are absent. This course will investigate many of the expressions of utopia in human history, beginning with the ancient writings of the Bible and Plato and continuing to the present day.