Carissa Aoki, PhD

Carissa Aoki received her PhD from the Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems, and Society program at Dartmouth College, MS in Forest Sciences from Colorado State University, and BA in Women’s Studies from Yale University.

Carissa is an applied ecologist working at the intersection of landscapes, disturbance and risk, particularly in forest ecosystems, and more recently on the working clam flats of coastal Maine. She has also collaborated with social science colleagues on issues related to urban forest ecology in Baltimore. As an instructor, she is particularly interested in bringing anti-racist principles to the teaching of science, including the use of interdisciplinary stories to bring non-traditional content into the curriculum.

Her interests in interdisciplinary research and teaching are grounded in her academic travels from humanist to scientist. She is particularly interested in the languages and knowledges of the disciplines and the ways in which practitioner knowledges speak to those within academia. This has led her to projects focused on translating research into usable tools for resource managers and the general public, including collaborations with the web development teams from the DALI Lab at Dartmouth College.