Majors & Minors (Undergraduate)

History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture Minor

MICA's curriculum in art history balances academic coursework and independent research with a significant studio component.

MICA's Art History Minor introduces students to the interpretation of art, architecture, and design through the foundational first-year class "Art Matters," and "Modernism(s)," (formerly "Modernism and After") which interrogates the canon of western modernism and its historic construction, while also introducing students to global voices that are often excluded from the canon. 

Program Overview

The Art Minor includes a nine (9) credit art history elective core requirement, three (3) of the six (6) credits to fulfill the Liberal Arts academic elective requirement, and 6 additional credits in art history beyond those required for the B.F.A.

Featured Course

Exhibition Development Seminar

The goal of EDS is to examine the curatorial process and explore new ways to engage artists, students, museums, galleries and the Baltimore community.