MICA Faculty-Led Summer Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 18 years of age with a valid, unexpired passport that meets the entry requirements of the country where the faculty-led program is hosted.
  • Current MICA undergraduate or graduate student with at least 1-year of undergraduate college experience.
    • Undergraduate students may receive either major or elective credit at the discretion of their academic adviser, or chair of their major department.
    • Graduate students may/may not receive specific credit towards their graduate degree; credit articulation is at the discretion of their graduate school adviser.
  • Good academic standing as determined by the College.
  • Good disciplinary standing as determined by Student Affairs.
  • Be enrolled at MICA the semester prior to their study abroad experience; student cannot be on a Leave of Absence (LOA).
  • Commitment and willingness to adapt to new cultural environments and circumstances, understanding that the host environment will be comparatively different.
  • Must be committed to all per-departure meetings and required information sessions that outline program policies and expectations related to participation.
  • The application deadline for all MICA faculty-led programs is February 15, 2024
  • If you are interested in a need-based scholarship, the deadline to apply is February 15, 2024

  • In order for us to consider your application, a $300 deposit must be received immediately after you've been accepted to the program.  Please check your @mica.edu email on a regular basis for important communications after you've submitted your application.

    • If you have questions about the deposit, please contact Mike Rini, Associate Director, Education Abroad:  mrini@mica.edu

  • Final payment for the balance due must be received by April 20, 2024 for all programs

The Office of International Education, in collaboration with the MICA Office of Student Financial Aid, are pleased to offer eligible applicants need-based scholarship.  Scholarship eligibility and amounts are determined by the Office Student Financial Aid based on each student's unique financial need code. 

Students who qualify for need-based financial aid at MICA, may apply for either the ISA Grant, or the Roberts Family Travel Grant.  The application for the ISA and Roberts Family scholarship, which is an essay asking you to justify your financial requirement of scholarship, is included with the faculty-led summer program application.  Students will see the scholarship opportunity when they initiate an application for the program. 

Students are advised that they must be fully prepared and responsible, financially speaking, to pay for the entire program out-of-pocket (program fee, art supplies, airfare, visa, etc., etc.), as a scholarship award is not guaranteed.  Scholarship amounts merely help to subsidize a fraction of the program costs - scholarship award amounts are not substantial enough to subsidize the entire amount of the summer program, and therefore, applicants are expected to understand this before they apply. 

  • If you are interested in a need-based scholarship, the deadline to apply is February 15, 2024 - this is an absolute deadline.  Applications will not be considered after this date.

  • The need-based scholarship application is integrated with the online study abroad program application, and students may apply for one of two distinct scholarships when they begin their program application.

  • Scholarship award amounts will be applied to a participant's student account to reduce the program fees on their summer term invoice.  The Office of International Education and the Office of Student Financial Aid will not issue direct funds (i.e. cash, check, or direct deposit) to the recipient.  **All prior owed balances on the student's MICA account must be paid off before the scholarship is awarded.  Scholarship money will not be used to pay down or pay off any prior owed balance to MICA.  Failure to pay off any balances within an agreed amount of time will result in forfeiture of the scholarship.

Please contact Mike Rini, Associate Director, Education Abroad, for further details - mrini@mica.edu

Contact Mike Rini (mrini@mica.edu), Office of International Education, for details regarding how to obtain a student visa.  Obtaining a student visa will depend on which country your passport was issued, and the respective bilateral immigration/travel agreements your home country has with the program's host country.

If a visa IS required, all participants must obtain the proper entry visa (no exceptions) neither too early, nor too late based on the respective program dates.

Use the following tools to determine if you will need to obtain a student visa:

- For London, England:  https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

-For Venice, Italy:  https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en#BMQuestionario

The Office of International Education recommends that all prospective participants begin their research on this topic early to identify any caveats that might otherwise prevent them from obtaining the required visa type to enter the host country. 



  • For questions about the London Illustration study abroad program, contact Rebecca Bradley:  rbradley@mica.edu
  • For questions about the Venice, Italy, Art History study abroad program, contact Jennie Hirsh:  jhirsh@mica.edu
  • For questions about applying to any one of the summer faculty-led study abroad programs and scholarship, contact Mike Rini, Associate Director, Education Abroad:  mrini@mica.edu

  • For questions about international travel and visa requirements, contact Mike Rini from the Office of International Education at mrini@mica.edu