Nyame-Kye is a multifaceted artist from Washington D.C.

A graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Morgan State University, she credits these institutions for helping to give foundation to my creative practices. A singer, published writer, film maker, actress, jewelry maker and creative director, Nyame-Kye says "I love art and art loves me."

:: An Informal Interview with Nyame-Kye

What are your preferred pronouns? 
Where do you call home? 
Washington D.C.
What is your program and year of graduation? 
Community Arts, MFA 2023
What inspired you to take the leap of going to graduate school? 
It just felt right. I had been throwing around the idea of grad school for years and it was not until Covid Times hit that I allowed myself to pursue M.I.C.A.
How has this scholarship impacted your thinking and process during your time in graduate school? 
This scholarship has enabled me to walk with a lighter step. I consider it a blessing, and I will forever be grateful.
What have you been working on? Share the driving questions and inspiration that informs your work as an artist, designer, educator and/or activist. 
I am working on a couple of different projects. As a multifaceted artist, I have to spread myself around a bit, but I am also learning to focus my energy. I am developing a new music project, and I'm working on a few pilots.