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Welcome to MICA and the Office of Graduate Studies!

MICA Graduate Studies provides valuable resources that provide a distinctive and meaningful graduate experience. Graduate students take advantage of an extensive creative network in order to customize their education in a way that elevates their practices in a contemporary context. 

Take advantage of MICA's resources and stay current on the important information you will need while at MICA.

We look forward to helping you customize your time at MICA in order to meet your goals and expectations for graduate study.

Graduate Orientation Information


Meet the next generation of creative thinkers.

MICA GRAD SHOW 2019 showcases the culminating work of more than 180 of MICA's graduate students from the College's internationally renowned programs through ground-breaking exhibitions, presentations, public programs and student-curated installations throughout Baltimore City.

When you graduate from your program, MICA helps you pursue your purpose.


Launch is a set of experiences that equip students with mindsets, toolsets, skill sets and resources to ensure ongoing success in their lives as artists, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, curators, and teachers.