Offices & Divisions

Fabrication Studios

Mission: Ensure the highest level of safe and creative fabrication research through curricular and co-curricular engagement.

Fabrication Studios facilities are valuable, complex, and diverse resources used by a large portion of the MICA community. The studio shop environments are that of a creative studio and an industrial workspace. A creative studio environment allows for all constituents to be comfortable and openly creative. This serves as an open forum for us to share ideas, theories, and constructive criticism that is imperative for the success of a studio atmosphere. An industrial workspace provides constituents with the tools and resources necessary for fabrication processes. This environment requires specific habits and procedures to ensure safety and productivity. As a successful studio community we must all participate in maintaining the integrity of these environments.


There are two types of facilities within the Fabrication Studios; campus wide-shops and departmental shops. Access to departmental shops is mostly limited to department majors or students enrolled within a departmental course. Campus-wide shops are open to all current MICA students (graduate and undergraduate). All shops have a Studio Manager that plays a key role in the success of the shop and its community. 


Campus-wide Shops

* Access to Campus-Wide shops is open to all current MICA students (graduate and undergraduate). These shops have regular open shop hours for access. During these times, there is a trained technician and/or studio manager on duty. The schedules for open shop times may vary by semester and can be found posted at the shop or on the shop webpage:


Fox Wood Shop (Fox Building, F012) 

2D Prototyping Studio (Fox building, F417)

Fred Lazarus IV Center "FLIV" Wood Shop (Lazarus Center, )

Digital Fabrication Studio “dFab” (Mt. Royal Station, first floor)

Dolphin Design Center Fabrication Lab(s) (Dolphin Design Center) 1st and 4th floor

Materials Library (Mt. Royal Station, first floor)


Departmental Shops:

* Access to Departmental Shops is mostly limited to majors or students currently enrolled in a departmental course. 


Ceramics (Fox building Lower level)

Printmaking (15/15 Building)

Interdisciplinary Sculpture Studio (Mt. Royal Station, first floor)

Fiber Studio (Mt. Royal Station, second floor)

FYE – Form and Space (81 Mosher building, lower level)

Rinehart School of Sculpture (1801 Falls Road, first floor)

Bio-Fabrication Lab (Mt. Royal Station, first floor)