Coffee House is one of our most beloved signature events, taking place the first Sunday of every month. This open-mic series showcases MICA's talented performers. We welcome song, dance, puppetry, poetry, film, animation, and more!

Upcoming Coffeehouses

Sunday, October 25, 2020  |  9:00 PM (ET)  |  YouTube Livestream 

Time to get somber and skin crawling, kids. Join us as we kick off CSE's week-long series of Halloween events with chilling, or just chill, performances from the MICA community. Make sure to enter the raffle by commenting in the Live Chat -- raffle winners will have custom stickers delivered to them.

Performers will also have a chance to choose from an array from big prizes whose proceeds give back to charity. So, rather than trick-or-treat, it's more like treat-and-treat. Doesn't sound bad, eh? Eh? Eh?

Follow us on Instagram @mica.coffeehouse for updates. Contact for more information!

Coffeehouse logo atop a car surrounded by people in the style of film noir.

Call for Performers!

Showcase your talents! Music, animation, poetry, ghost stories... You name it, we want to see it. Send us a video of you performing through the form linked below to be featured.